Why EFT EksportCredit


EFT is offering a new type of Export Invoice Finance, cash flow solution built for fast growing businesses.We give clients access to funds in outstanding export invoices, otherwise tied up for between 30 to 120 days. We design risk management strategy for businesses in order to achieve competitiveness.


We’re entirely different to traditional factoring. There are no hidden fees or personal guarantees.


Our clients use the finance raised to launch new products, hire more staff and grow internationally.



Our Mission


We're passionate about making the world of export finance more efficient and transparent.


At EFT EksportCredit we provide businesses with smart working capital solutions that help drive them forwards. We are capable to create the culture of excellence.



EFT EksporCredit will cover up to 90% of losses to an export receivable resulting from the commercial a coununtry risks such as:


Failure or refusal of the buyer to pay.

Refusal of the buyer to accept goods aftert Shipment.



Cancellation of the contract arbitrarily by the buyer.

Currency transfer restrictions of the buyer country.

Expropriation by the government of the buyer.

Insolvency of the buyer.

War or civil disturbance in the buyer country.





EFT EksportCredit & Surety


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