Exporter enters into a Sale Contract with an importer.The Exporter concludes a FACTORING Contract with EFT and pays premium.The Exporter ships the goods to the buyer and declares the shipment to EFT

In case the buyer fails to pay, the exporter submits a claim to EFT indemnifies the exporter up to 90% of the contract value. EFT recovers the buyer and returns 10% share to you. Our Products:



  • Export Invoice Factoring
  • Invoice Verification
  • Credit Assessment
  • Export bad debt protection
  • Export Debt Collections





  • Protect your balance sheet against

non-payment of export receivables by

transferring your risk to EFT without

recourse to you.


  • Enhance your competitiveness.

Increase your international sales by

offering extended payment terms to your

overseas customers.




  • Offer your customers open account credit

terms while protecting yourself against

credit risk.


  • Access to more working capital facilities

from your bank by assigning the insurance

policy to your bank as security




We want to offer:


Your foreign customers payment terms without squeezing your cash flow?


You want to protect your receivable and not carry unknown country risks on your balance sheet? in case of non payment


You have won a new customer or closed your first transaction in a new market? but do not have enough cash flow to fund the transaction


We offer exporters an initial credit risk assessment and recommend a maximum credit term and allocate credit limit of each of your foreign customers including indicative pricing. We develop proposals for the optimum structure of the transaction and provide the required documentation. If desired, we will also be pleased to talk directly to your foreign customer in order to agree attractive financing terms. In addition, we can hedge the risk and finance the transaction by purchasing the receivable on a non-recourse basis.


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